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Welcome to the portfolio-website of Volodymyr Osypov, i.e. me.

During 1 year I was a freelancer and this website was the official page of AuroraScorpio "webstudio". AuroraScorpio was presented as a company, but under this brand were only me and my wife. Shw helped me in SEO and in discussion of different ideas, design. I made all design and programming work.

Now this website represents my portfolio, not only the projects developed under AuroraScorpio mark, but also under brands of the companies, I was working and I work in.

I have also created my English blog on subdomain http://blog.aurorascorpio.com. I also have my Russian personal blog www.osipov.org.ru. blog.aurorascorpio.com I plan to dedicate to web-development area.

Also here you can see my resume.
And also my current computer skills.

Programming languages and technologies
HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, DOM, AJAX, JSON, XML (SOAP, WSDL), SQL, C++, Object Pascal (Delphi).

MySQL, MS Access

Apache, LAMP, Denwer (stack of Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL для Windows)

Windows 9x/2K/XP, Linux

Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, forums phpBB, SMF, IPB.

Additional knowledge
SEO, Photoshop, Corel Draw, PageMaker.

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